Mere weeks after Hyundai and Chevrolet announced they would be among the first car manufacturers to support either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, Cadillac has confirmed it is jumping on the infotainment bandwagon this summer as well.

The company said products in its "2016 model year", which begins this summer, will feature enhanced connectivity and control, such as the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. CarPlay will debut in 2016 Cadillac models (except the SRX Crossover) that feature Cue’s 8-inch touchscreen. Cue is Cadillac’s user experience.

Cadillac said Cue will provide drivers with ways to access both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. A “Projection” icon will appear on the Cue touchscreen, for instance, and it'll enable key smartphone functions, including navigation, contacts, hands-free text messaging, and select apps supported by Apple or Google.

“In 2015 Cadillac became the first luxury brand to feature broad use of wireless charging and 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity, and now in 2016 we’re moving quickly to enhance phone integration and overall system performance," explained David Leone, Executive Chief Engineer at Cadillac, in a press release.

Keep in mind many Carplay and Android Auto infotainment features can also be controlled via voice commands through a steering wheel button in 2016 Cadillac models. Both systems require your phone to be connected via USB.