(Pocket-lint) - Apple may actually be working on its own car. While the idea of the gadget-focused company creating a car might seem a bit of a stretch, the rumours are starting to look more solid.

Apple has already been poaching staff from Tesla and just the other day cars loaded with cameras were spotted and confirmed as Apple rentals. While these were more likely for Apple Maps data, an Apple iCar could still be on the agenda.

Bryan Chaffin, cofounder of The Mac Observer, says he's "certain" Apple is working on a car after talking to sources. He claims the Apple Car is being created and it will "give Tesla a run for its money".

Chaffin also said: "I should add that when I asked one of my sources flat out to put a percentage chance on Apple working on an actual car - rather than some kind of car-related technology - I was told, '80 percent.' When coupled with everything I’ve learned since, I’m personally closer to 100 percent."

Apple blogger John Gruber was initially skeptical about the rumours but then said: "I know a lot of people at Apple, at all levels of the company, who love watches. I also know many who love cars." With a link to Jony Ive's many cars. The Apple Watch has finally been shown off, perhaps a car could be next.

Now to take out the salt cellar. Apple was also rumoured to be working on a television for years with no sign that these rumours will amount to anything. Perhaps Apple TV developments have caused crossed wires and rumours, in the same way perhaps Apple working on in-car tech has led to this car rumour.

But as John Gruber points out only a small market share of the car industry means huge profits. And if Apple did make a car we'd imagine it would do more than take a small chunk of the car industry.

We'll be keeping a close eye on the Apple car situation but aren't holding our breath just yet.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.