A video released by developer Steven Troughton-Smith gives a closer look at Apple's unreleased iOS in the Car. He used the emulator found within the iOS 7.0.3 software to show us how the infotainment software will work, when it's presumably released to cars with iOS 7.1 later this year. 

iOS in the Car will support touchscreens, buttons, wheels and any other dashboard control mechanism found within a car, the developer found. You can't multi-task while using iOS in the Car - whatever you have displayed on your iPhone will display on the infotainment system - and its locked to certain Apple apps. There's no keyboard, meaning all typing will have to be done through Siri voice commands. 

A multi-tasking interface is found when the home button is pressed. It appears to allow users to switch between apps and control music. Right now, it looks half-baked, and not ready for public use. 

Screen shots shown by Troughton-Smith earlier this month showed Apple had toned down the design of the software quite considerably ahead of launch, compared to what was shown in the summer of 2013. Of course, there is still time for plenty more changes, and a lot more to see. 

Apple announced iOS in the Car at WWDC in June 2013, with promises it would launch in cars of major manufacturers in 2014. The software brings Siri Eyes Free mode, satellite navigation through Apple maps, phone calls, music and iMessage via the manufacturers' native in-car control systems.