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(Pocket-lint) - Prominent developer Steve Troughton-Smith has given us a closer look at the interface of iOS in the Car ahead of its release, scheduled for later this year. Apple has remained quiet about specific iOS in the Car features and interfaces - other than a few screenshots on the official iOS 7 webpage from last summer. It appears Apple has made some big changes since.

screenshots give closer look at apple s unreleased ios in the car image 4

The images show the mapping software in action. It will have the ability to bookmark locations, take different routes, see a 3D view and more. But perhaps more telling, the mapping interface looks drastically different from the version shown off at WWDC seven months ago. 

screenshots give closer look at apple s unreleased ios in the car image 6

Troughton-Smith posted the images to Twitter without comment, but it's presumed they were taken through an iOS simulator from the iOS 7.1 beta 4 released to developers on Monday. Apple has ramped up iOS in the Car mentions within the iOS 7.1 developer software, which means the company could finally release it to the masses when iOS 7.1 hits sometime later this year. 

Also shown is a homescreen for applications. It's reminiscent of the home screen found on an iPhone or iPad. Given its beta nature, only the Maps app was listed, but we could see the screen being populated with other apps once it's released officially. 

Comparing the new screenshots to the old ones, it appears Apple has toned down the design of the software quite considerably ahead of launch. Of course, there is still time for plenty more changes. 

Apple announced iOS in the Car at WWDC in June 2013, with promises it would launch in cars of major manufacturers in 2014. The software brings Siri Eyes Free mode, satellite navigation through Apple maps, phone calls, music and iMessage via the manufacturers' native in-car control systems.

Writing by Jake Smith.