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(Pocket-lint) - Ring has launched a selection of products designed to protect your car, not just your house. Now, rather than relying on the Ring camera watching your drive, you'll be able to put Ring security in the car itself.

There's a couple of devices available. The Ring Car Alarm plugs in to the ODB port in your car where it can monitor for impacts, break-ins, towing and other incidents and send you an alert if anything happens.


As the ODB port is universal, Amazon says it will work with 99 per cent of cars. As part of the Ring family, you can connect it to other Ring devices, so if something happens to your car, it could trigger your light and cameras on the front of your house, for example.


But you don't have to rely on cameras on the outside of the car as Ring is also launching an in-car camera. Called the Ring Car Cam, it will again monitor your car for bumps or break-ins and will send you an alert via the Ring app.

But it also has dual HD cameras, so you can can see what's happening in your car and around your car over Wi-Fi or LTE, although you'll have to sign-up to a plan for the latter.

The Ring Car Cam will also be able to watch over you if you're stopped on the road. You can say "Alexa, I'm being pulled over" and it will start recording, so you'll have a full record of what happened on the stop - while you'll also be able to alert a contact that you've been stopped.

The Ring Car Cam will cost $199.99, the Ring Car Alarm will be $59.99.


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Writing by Chris Hall.