This is the Alfa Romeo Tonale

The Alfa Romeo Tonale is a compact SUV, smaller than the Stelvio that's already available. (image credit: Alfa Romeo)
It carries the hallmarks of Alfa design, from the wheels through the nose, you can see previous Alfa models reflected in the new design. (image credit: Alfa Romeo)
There are hybrid and plug-in hybrid options, with the top model offering 275hp and all-wheel drive from the plug-in option, with a 50 mile electric range. (image credit: Alfa Romeo)
There's a pair of digital displays inside, running on Android, allowing plenty of customisation. It also supports Amazon Alexa. (image credit: Alfa Romeo)
There will be an NFT for the Tonale, meaning you can verify the status of the car - adding value when you come to sell, a bit like a unique service record. (image credit: Alfa Romeo)
There's plenty to appeal for those looking for a compact SUV, with some heritage Alfa design flowing in and plenty of tech. Pricing to be confirmed. (image credit: Alfa Romeo)