(Pocket-lint) - Alfa Romeo has come good on its promise to deliver a sporty two-seater, rolling out the 4C at the Geneva motorshow.

Designed to tempt the potential Cayman and Lotus owners of this world, the 4C goes for that classic lightweight and high-power combination. The car uses a 1.75-litre four-cylinder turbo, as found in Alfa's Quadrifoglio Verde Giulietta. 

The difference here is that 4C has a promised kerb weight of just 895kg, helped in part by its carbon fibre tub, which should be stiff as anything and lead to the nimble handling you would hope from a two-seater. That carbon fibre tub uses the kind of chassis technology you would find in far more expensive vehicles like the LaFerrari, which has been talk of the Geneva show. 

In unveiling the 4C, Alfa also promised a special launch edition of the car which will come in either Carrara White or Alfa red. It comes with a carbon fibre body kit, darker alloys and crazy front headlight clusters which look like a set of spider's eyes. The launch edition can be pre-ordered now for £51,600. Only 400 will be coming to Europe.

Promising 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds and a top speed of more than 155mph, the 4C is going to be quite the little race car. It also incorporates Alfa Romeo's DNA switch, which lets you adjust things such as traction control and throttle response. That DNA switch has also been given a new special Race mode, which employs even more aggressive handling and computer aids to speed the car up further.

The 4C is also going to employ the latest in gearbox technology, with a TCT dual-clutch box that lets you shift gears via paddles on the steering wheel, F1 style.

Inside, you get an all digital speedo and instrument cluster, which should add further to the car's already hi-tech feel. The interior is also dominated with as many pieces of peeled back and exposed carbon fibre as Alfa Romeo can fit.

There's no pricing yet for the conventional 4C, but expect the car to be available in September this year.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.