Fed up of shelling out on tank after tank of car juice for your greedy motor? Then you might like to hear about a new record that's been set for fuel consumption.

A Seat Ibiza "Ecomotive" has set an average fuel consumption record for its class, returning 81.1mpg and covering a whopping 970.6 miles on one tank of fuel whilst hitting cruising speeds of just under 70mph.

With former rally driver Gerhard Plattner in the driving seat, the Seat travelled (with an officially sealed fuel tank) from the Martorell facilities near Barcelona through France, to Germany arriving at the finish point in Frankfurt

with fuel still in the tank


The new Ibiza's "Ecomotive" enhancements for the Ecomotive over the standard model include optimised aerodynamics, weight saving and modifications to the 1.4 TDI engine.