The NICE Car Company has confirmed its MyCar two-seater electric vehicle will be delivered to customers before Christmas.

Unveiled in 2004 but only launched in the UK at the British Motor Show earlier this year, the MyCar isn't the most powerful EV of 2008, but it's certainly the cutest.

With a range of 60 miles and 40mph, the city runabout goes head-to-head with EV distributor Goingreen and its £9500 G-Wiz i.

The MyCar, which has a slightly cheaper price of £9000, will also compete with NICE's own Mega City.

The MyCar uses a lead acid battery - a relatively old technology compared to the Tesla Roadster's new lithium-ion batteries - and can recharge in 5 hours. Like other EVs, it's exempt from the Congestion Charge.

NICE tells us that orders taken now for the MyCar will be delivered by Christmas 2008.