A new car that hopes to go into production in 2010 promises to end the worry of rising fuel prices.

The Axon will, according to its makers, let drivers go from central london to Brighton and back on a single gallon of fuel from its 500cc 2-cylinder petrol engine.

How is it able to get so far on so little fuel? The answer, it seems, is carbon fibre.

"There is lots of inefficiency built-in to a standard car", Steven Cousins the car's creator says.

The car, which has a futuristic look including the most minimalist dashboard we've ever seen, will be made almost completely from carbon fibre.

"Carbon fibre is the natural choice of material for building a lightweight, efficient and affordable vehicle", continues Cousins.

Carbon fibre will be used for the structural beams of the car as well as the panels with a real focus on improving the aerodynamics to get the 100 miles to gallon figure.

Luckily it won't just be available in orange.