The NICE car company launched to the world at the British International Motor Show 2 years ago, and so it seems apt that the company should return to the event to unveil three new models.

The car causing the most buzz was the MyCar, which, with its Italian styling and £9000 price tag, is perfect for urbanites.

This model has a range of 40 miles, a top speed of 40mph (64kph) and a re-charge time between 6 and 8 hours.

Nice claims, in fact, that the MyCar’s running costs are very low, roughly one fifteenth compared to a conventional petrol or diesel model.

And because it doesn't give out any CO2 emissions, you don't have to pay road tax or the congestion charges.

MyCar will be available in seven colour options.

Standard equipment will include electric windows and mirrors, Radio/MP3 player, 14-inch alloy wheels, remote central locking, Hi/lo and boost button and LCD multifunction display.

Options include a glass roof or removable fiberglass version, 15-inch alloy wheels, leather interior, cooled and heated seats and a boot rack.

It goes on sale in the autumn.