A team at the University of Nottingham has unveiled a new simulator they claim could radically cut down the number of motorcyclists injured on our roads.

The simulator is claimed to be the first full-sized, moveable simulator that's linked to a projection screen and reconfigurable software.

Team leader Dr Alex Stedmon says that it could not only help motorcyclists practise before they hit the road, but could also impact on bike designs in the future.

Built around a Triumph Daytona, the simulator uses software that was previously found in a car simulator.

This now allows the bike to lean left and right, pushed by four pneumatic actuators, so that the biker can react to a road environment, including traffic, which is projected onto a large screen in front of the bike.

"On the simulator we don't have to worry about the safety of riders or the weather (because it is indoors)", says Stedmon.

The team are now working on making the simulator more realistic.