Inspired by Roger Moore's white Lotus Esprit from "The Spy Who Loved Me" that could "drive" underwater, a Bond fan has spent years developing a real-world version that can do the same.

Rinspeed's "sQuba", based on the Lotus Elise, will be shown off at next month's Geneva Motor Show.

The car's inventor Frank Rinderknecht said: "For three decades I have tried to imagine how it might be possible to build a car that can fly under water. Now we have made this dream come true".

The car, equipped with three electric motors, is capable of driving up to 75mph on land and on "flying" in the water to a depth of 10 metres at around 2mph for 2 hours. The car is open top, so the driver and passenger use built-in scuba equipment to breath.

Sadly for Bond fans, there are no plans to produce the £750,000 prototype commercially.