Fed up of footballers and TV presenters getting some slimy lawyer to make those stubborn motoring offences disappear? Well now you too can get away with it thanks to a new book.

The Fight a Motoring Ticket kit from Lawpack reckons it can help any motorist that feels they have been unfairly charged with a motoring misdemeanor.

According to the publisher, a large number of us never question parking, speeding and careless driving charges because the legal costs are perceived to be too prohibitive. But this booklet and accompanying CD alert you to the offences that you can fight without the need for specialist advice, and the more serious ones for which professional assistance is a must.

The kit explains the procedures involved in dealing with a charge and how to maximise the chance of success.

Template letters and sample court documents are included, as well as a variety of web links. The guide applies only to drivers in England and Wales, as road laws in both Scotland and Northern Ireland differ.