A new book has gone on sale devoted to quirky car accessories.

Nodding Dogs & Vinyl Roofs by Stephen Vokins, and published by car specialist Haynes, contains details about items such as exhaust flamethrowers, tiger tails, bolt-on fins, windscreen wiper kits and pop-up spoilers.

Vokins describes new inventions such as advertising hubcaps, which have centres that don’t rotate even when the vehicle is moving so you can always read what they say. Meanwhile, the Navirobo, currently only available in Japan, is an animated teddy bear that gives directions to the driver in place of a boring old screen.

The author has worked at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, for 25 years, as manager of the film and video department and is a presenter on Granada’s Men & Motors.

Nodding Dogs & Vinyl Roofs is available in hardback now for £7.99.