Women workers now value a company car more highly than men in the workplace, ranking it above a pension scheme when it comes to employee perks.

The Bank of Scotland Drivers’ Report 2007/8 claims this is points to a growing "live-now" attitude among the female workforce.

Asked to rate the importance of the company car against other business benefits, women put it in joint first place alongside a generous holiday allowance – outscoring not only a company pension, but profit sharing/bonus schemes, flexi-time working and even healthcare.

Men, on the other hand, put their pension scheme as their most important consideration, with the car second.

But overall, the car is still a key draw for employees, making it a major factor when it comes to attracting and retaining the right employees.

“Drivers cite the convenience factor as an important benefit of a company car and we’re now finding an increasing number of employees who had previously opted for a cash allowance, returning to a company car”, said Sean Bingham, director of new business at Bank of Scotland Vehicle Finance.