The DeLorean, made famous in the film Back To The Future, is making a comeback even though the company behind the car went bust almost 25 years ago.

The DeLorean Motor Co., a suburban Houston company that rebuilds DeLoreans, has said that it will bring the futuristic looking car complete with its Gul Wing doors back into limited production from next year.

The company, which acquired the parts and engines that were left over after DeLorean went belly up in 1982 also owns the trademarks and many of the engineering drawings.

Now just a team of 20 people, the company rebuilds a dozen or so cars a year and has an 8-month waiting list, however James Espey, vice president of DeLorean Motor, has said that the stock pile of old models to rebuild will soon run out forcing them to put the car back into production.

Those interested in buying the ultimate "Time Machine" can do so for around $25,000 for a refurbished model or $42,500 for one that has been built from scratch.

A flux capacitor, however, doesn't appear to be included.