Green drivers have just been given two more options this summer with the launch of the Mega City and Mega Multi Truck II from Eco-maker NICE.

Coming with the promise of no congestion charge, no car tax and no petrol costs both NICE cars are passenger and pedestrian friendly emitting zero CO2 and reducing your carbon footprint.

The NICE Mega City, priced at £9995 inc VAT, is according to the company "a must-have for trendy urbanites" while the NICE Mega Multi Truck II, priced at £8623 ex VAT, is a multi-functional truck.

Designed for London businesses, the Mega MultiTruck II offers free road tax, no congestion charge, free parking in many London locations, electricity at 2p per mile, 100% corporation tax write-off and reduced parking fines should you be unlucky enough to pick one up.

The MEGA City can be charged from any domestic socket at home, at work or at any of a growing number of public charge points around London it has a top speed on 40 miles per hour and as well as a range of 40 miles.