Sanyo has announced two new GPS devices, the NV-SD200DT and NV-SB250DT as part of their Mini Gorilla range.

If you're wondering why the names are so odd, it is because the new products are based on the lithium ion electric battery “mini-gorilla”.

Like most navigation systems of any quality, you can use the new devices while driving in a car and van or for walking around and exploring the city.

The new systems display map information stored in a built-in 2GB original format. This is viewed on a 4.5V type wide TFT colour liquid crystal display screen, with it featuring a resolution of 288,000 pixels.

Both of these new Sanyo products appear the same, however there are a couple of features that are different. The SB200DT battery life is 1-hour longer than the SD200DT, however the SD200DT is slightly smaller in dimensions, and cheaper if that persuades you at all.

No news on UK prices yet, we will keep you posted.