Seat has trialled the first ever driverless touring car. Cutting-edge developments in electronics, virtual reality and on-board computers have enabled the Seat Sport UK team to create what they claim is the most advanced remote control car in the world.

The unique Leon is controlled with the help of numerous on-board cameras, microphones and computers. At its first outing in a test at Rockingham Speedway, the sophisticated Leon put in a lap time marginally quicker than similar cars driven by human drivers, including experienced BTCC driver Jason Plato.

The car is driven from the pit lane by a simple yet powerful remote control. Plato said: “Obviously it’s a bit disconcerting being passed by an empty car when you’re giving it your all, though I have to say it does have a fair old weight advantage over every other touring car”.

Seat’s BTCC competitors have demanded that a significant weight penalty should be imposed should the special Leon be permitted to race this weekend. Chances of this being anything more than a canny PR stunt? Nil.