The Eden Project in Cornwall is to hold what it claims is the world's first green motor show.

From 30 March to 15 April, the oddly named Sexy Green Car Show will feature hybrids, electric cars and biofuel-compatible vehicles from manufacturers including Saab, Smart and Ford.

Eden marketing director David Meneer told motoring website 4Car: "We are delighted that so many major players in the motoring world are now committed to what promises to be a world first - a show entirely".

"Traditionally, environmental organisations have not had much to say about cars, except to try to persuade people not to use them, and more recently not to buy 4x4s. However, the Sexy Green Car Show aims to give motorists who want to go green a better understanding of government schemes such as the new fridge-type efficiency labels on cars, tax bands on emissions and variable congestion charges."

The show, sponsored by Co-operative Insurance, will be held on the covered stage area, rather than in the Project's giant greenhouses - the largest in the world.