Brake discs are wearing out faster, warping and losing their braking performance earlier on some modern vehicles according to an alarming new report.

A leading auto parts supplier claims it is regularly supplying replacement brake discs for nearly new cars that have been driven for less than 25,000 miles.

Early brake disc wear is occurring due to a combination of problems, says Car Parts Direct. The company points out that modern brake pads are more abrasive due to harder compounds used in construction, and inferior brake discs imported from the Far East could be to blame for some car makers.

What’s more, thousands of new cars imported into the UK are parked up for several months, waiting to be distributed to dealers. These vehicles stand in all weather conditions without the wheels moving, which causes brake discs start to rust and deteriorate even before the customer receives their new vehicle.

Car Parts Direct claims it has seen a 23% increase in sales of brake discs for vehicles under 2-years-old, while sales of brakes for cars over 2-years-old have risen by only 14%. Complaints about the original brake discs fitted on cars are now very common, says the company.

Furthermore, the problem is not limited to any particular manufacturer, with reports of top marques such as BMW and Mercedes discs failing as early as more popular fleet car suppliers.