British motorists are mass murderers. A million animals and 10 million birds are killed on Britain’s roads each year, something the Guild of Experienced Motorists believes should be offset by a voluntary fines scheme.

To salve the conscience of drivers who splat a squirrel or demolish a deer, GEM is introducing a system called Friendly Fines for Fallen Fur and Feather that will go towards helping the country’s natural habitat and improving road safety. “We are inviting drivers to join GEM not only to enjoy the outstanding services we offer but also as a recompense for accidentally killing species on our roads and we in turn will make a donation to wildlife charity, the Mammals Trust UK”, said GEM chief executive David Williams.

“It can be very upsetting for a family out on a drive if a bird or wild animal is destroyed by their car. We believe this is one way the adult at the wheel can tangibly say they are sorry and hopefully calm the tears of younger passengers.”

GEM stresses that no driver should brake suddenly or swerve to avoid wildlife straying on the carriageway although GEM does believe that excessive speed on country roads can cause the unnecessary death of many critters. It is illegal for drivers to stop and collect animals they have knocked down.

According to the Mammals Trust UK 3 million pheasants, 800,000 rabbits, 50,000 deer and a similar number of squirrels and badgers and 25,000 urban foxes die on the road every year. For every new member that joins GEM in the next 2 months the organisation will donate £1 to the Trust.