Ailing Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi has released pictures and details of its all-new Lancer sports saloon.
The latest Lancer takes its aesthetic cue from its Concept-X and Concept-Sportback creations from last year. That means it gets an inverted grille, inspired by fighter-jet engines, a shark-type nose and deep-set headlights.

All in all, however, the new Lancer - never a big seller on these shores - looks a little uninspired, resembling a cross between a Mazda 6, a Skoda Octavia and an F-15 (they wish). But with undoubted value, it does represent a real alternative to some of the premium European brands.

It will be available to buy from late next year, there will be four spec levels and five engine choices. Expect the next generation Evolution, which will based on this new Lancer, to look proper bad-ass and reignite interest in an aging saloon supercar.