London will introduce the country’s first city-wide two-tier parking penalties scheme, which will see drivers punished depending on the seriousness of their parking offence.

From 1 July 2007 drivers parking at bus stops, on pedestrian crossings, or in the safety zones outside schools will receive a higher penalty than those overstaying at a parking meter or failing to display a valid ticket.

The move comes after an extensive Transport for London consultation, in which more than 80% of respondents said that acts of illegal parking causing the most disruption, frustration and danger to other road users should be penalised more heavily than others.

A £120 penalty will be applied to serious contraventions in central London, while lesser offences will attract a penalty of £80. In outer London the fines will be £100 and £60. Fines paid within 14 days are subject to a 50% reduction.

Currently, the penalties for all acts of illegal parking are £100 in central London and £80 in outer London. This new system will mean that motorists committing some parking contraventions will receive a £20 lower penalty then they currently do.