The words Hummer and environmental sustainability don’t normally sit too well with each other, but a concept design for a next-generation Hummer has won an award for demonstrating just that.

General Motors’ Advanced Design department scooped the LA Auto Show’s Design Challenge for the second year in a row for a rendering of a 2015 concept called the Hummer O2. Contest guidelines required that vehicle entries be 100%recyclable and have a maximum lifespan of just 5 years.

The Hummer O2 concept features a phototropic body with algae-filled body panels that transform carbon dioxide into pure oxygen, which is subsequently released back into the environment and inside the vehicle.

In addition, four modular and self-contained fuel cells power hydraulic motors built into each wheel. A hydrogen tank is placed in an ideal central location for safety and structural purposes, becoming the "heart" of the vehicle. Active tread tyres can change shape to adapt and protect the surrounding environment.

Lastly, the O2 is built of completely recyclable and biodegradable materials including an aluminum frame, seats finished with Volatile Organic Components-free (VOC-free) materials and glazing via PETE (similar to everyday consumer packaging, such as drinks bottles).

So there you have it – the first car to look like it’ll be crazier than a Hummer is, well, erm, a Hummer.