Maybach’s new flagship model is the world’s most powerful chauffer-driven saloon. Quite why anyone other than Simon Cowell or the leader of a military junta would need a 612bhp V12 luxury car is anyone’s guess.

Then again, at a shade over £341,000 DaimlerChrysler don’t need to sell too many to pull a profit.

The 62 S is clearly distinguish it from the 62 model by its modified front end with a redesigned radiator grille as well as new, distinctive 20in rims and a modified light-cluster design. Like the 57 S model, the new Maybach 62 S has single-tone paintwork in black or silver, both of which are available exclusively for the S models.

Inside, the well-to-do capitalist pig, rude record producer or genocidal maniac will feel the benefit of a new piano lacquer and carbon or anthracite poplar finish with even better top-grade leather than before. All the better to enjoy the 0-62mph time of 5.2 seconds and 155mph - electronically limited top speed, then. Suspension is also softer on the 62 S than on the 57 S to enhance ride comfort.

Think of Maybach as a luxury jet on wheels and you get the picture. Or you could just think of it as the most gloriously ostentatious and totally unnecessary piece of automotiveness ever. Either way, it’s great.