"You expect me to walk?", "No, Mr Bond I expect you to drive": James Bond and Ernst Stavro Blofeld might have said in Goldfinger had they known about an initiative planned for this Friday, when anyone who owns a Bond car will be able to motor into central London and get their Congestion Charge written off.

Yahoo Cars says that to celebrate the launch of the hotly rated new Bond movie Casino Royale, anyone lucky enough to own one of the cars that 007 has actually driven in his screen career will be able to get their £8 charge reimbursed for 17 November.

Over the years, Bond has driven a variety of cool cars - from the sedate Citroen 2CV and classic Sunbeam Alpine to the super sexy Aston Martin DB5 and ultra rare BMW Z8. And with Aston Martin’s new DBS model already coming top in a poll of over 2500 Yahoo users as the favourite Bond car, Aston Martin can be confident that demand for their latest DBS is set to soar with the release of Casino Royale.

A spokesperson said: “While truly British cars are few and far between these days, with the choice of great British brands like the Aston Martin, the Bond franchise is a great champion of the British Motoring industry. Over the past couple of weeks Yahoo Cars has been commemorating Bond and his cars with a number of Bond car features on the site and now we are bringing our celebrations off the Internet and onto the road by giving something back to motorists who have invested in cars driven by Bond”.

Entrants simply need to email bondcaramnesty@yahoo.co.uk for full details of the offer. In a week where it's been announced that C-Charge fees could almost triple for drivers of Band G vehicles, it's nice to see that some drivers will be able to get a day off.

The full list of cars is:

Sunbeam Alpine (all types)
Aston Martin DB5 (all types)
Aston Martin DBS (all types)
Ford Mustang Mach 1
AMC Hornet (all types)
Lotus Esprit (S1 and Turbo models only)
Citroen 2CV (all types)
Renault 11 (all types)
Triumph Stag (all types)
Alfa Romeo GTV (1980s GTV6 version only)
Audi 100 Avant (all types)
Mercedes 250SE (all types)
Aston Martin V8 (all types)
BMW Z3 (all types)
BMW 750iL (E38 shape - built 1995 to 2001 only)
BMW Z8 (all types)
Aston Martin V12 Vanquish (all types)
Ford Fairlane (all types)