Britain’s only genuine supercar manufacturer, Ascari, has debuted its new A10 - a 625bhp road-legal barnstormer than can hit 60mph in (gulp) an amazing 2.8 seconds.

Ascari’s answer to the Ferrari Enzo FXX, which isn’t suitable for road driving, is also a third of the price, although at £350,000 it’s still rather steep. Designed, engineered and hand built in Banbury, the A10’s 625bhp powers just 1200kg of weight, thanks to its lightweight carbon fibre bodywork. As well as the ludicrous 0-60mph time, it can hit 100mph in less than 6 seconds. Ascari says that means the A10 is the fastest road going production car around a race track.

Unfortunately, only 10 are available and will be built to order.

The A10 is more than just a revamped KZ1, with new body panels, a reworked engine and suspension, with extensive brake modifications to cope with the extra power. Lucky owners will also have the option of getting remote central locking, electric windows and door mirrors, climate control and an alarm.