Average petrol prices have fallen to pre-Christmas 2005 levels, but diesel aren't quite so fortunate.

According to the AA Motoring Trust, the average price of petrol in the UK is now 87.92p a litre - a price last seen on 18 December 2005.

Average diesel prices - now at 93.2p a litre - are still almost a penny more on average than they were the beginning of the year.

Ruth Bridger, petrol price analyst for the AA Motoring Trust, said
"Since the all-time high of 98.54p on August 1 this year, the average
price of UK petrol has fallen 10.62p a litre, saving a typical family
with two car-owning parents £24.12 a month".

"However, the average price of diesel has fallen only 6.52p per litre
and, with the price difference with petrol growing a further half a
penny since the middle of the month, we remain concerned that diesel
drivers are losing out."

"Although our cross-brand analysis shows that supermarkets are on
average significantly cheaper than non-supermarket retailers, diesel
drivers should not automatically assume that driving to any supermarket
will get them the best deal."

"Sainsbury's and Asda are offering the best prices, although local
competition around these stores may draw more stations in line with the
89.9p per litre competitive price."