The buzz around the Paris Motor Show is gaining volume, with Mazda, Hyundai, Peugeot and Renault all announcing details of cars they will be revealing.

Mazda's CX-7, MX-5 Roadster Coupe and BT-50 pickup represent the only confirmed production models among the four manufacturers. The European version of the CX-7 is yet another entry to the bugling catalogue of both Mazda's own stable and SUV crossover cars in general. With its chunky yet sexy styling, new powerplants and six-speed manual 'box it will be fighting against the Honda CR-V, Nissan's new QASHQAI, Ford C-Max and more. The MX-5 will be on show with its new retractable hardtop and the BT-50 will hope to woo fans of the Mitsubishi L200.

The Hyundai Arnejs concept will probably for the basis of the Korean companies new C-segment vehicle de to launch in around a year's time, while Peugeot's 207 EPURE is a promise of things to come - both for small coupe-cabriolet cars and fuel-cell technology.

Just as the 206 range got its horrendous yet super-selling CC, so this is likely to become the 207 CC. Using fuel-cell technology on the EPURE, Peugeot says their concept has a range of 218 miles and a top speed of 81mph.

But of all the latest announcements, the Renault Nepta is the most impressive. A futurist luxury cabriolet, the Nept a looks like a cross between Roger Ramjet's plane, a shiny Naboo spaceliner and a bullet. Its amazing lines conceal a monster 420bhp twin turbo V6 engine that can deliver 62mph in under 5seconds.

The flowing, elegant four-seater has wave-shaped panels and a cracking aluminium finish, that looks modern yet feverishly retro. Crazy interior design, including a "suspended" dashboard, rotary gearshift, multimedia centre and illuminated pedals are all great but being a Renault, it's sure to break in a stiff breeze.