Every now and then a car comes along that passes into legend even when it’s still being made. The Lancia Delta was one such vehicle.

In its HF and rally Integrale guise, it was beautiful, powerful and charismatic - and it was a five-door hatch. Lancia disappeared from our shores in 1994 but has been knocking out quality cars in Europe such as the Ypsilon, Lybra and Musa.

Thankfully this shocking situation is set to end, with announcement that not only is a new Delta in the works but it will be sold over here in right-hand drive from 2008. The Astra-sized hatch will get a first outing at the Paris Motor Show this month as an almost-finished concept.

The all-new Delta will come with a range of turbocharged petrol and diesel units delivering somewhere between 120bhp and 200bhp and is based on the same platform as the new Fiat Bravo. And then, the Integrale version will pop along, take on the Evo and WRX and become a road and rally champion. Hopefully.