Beautiful but deadly - that’s the verdict on the British countryside, according to new research that shows many motorists will be too distracted by our green and pleasant land this weekend.

Many drivers admit to putting themselves and their passengers at risk by losing concentration at the wheel in order to take in the nation’s famous sights, with one in four finding stunning natural features such as the Lake District a major driving distraction. Man-made landmarks and dramatic buildings are also blamed for drawing drivers’ eyes too far away from the road.

The study, by Privelege Insurance, found that men between the ages of 18 and 29 are most likely to be distracted this weekend

With around 3000 deaths a year on British roads and many thousands more injured, the Government announced recently a major overhaul of road speed limits on rural roads in an attempt to cut casualty rates.

Ian Parker, Managing Director of Privilege Insurance, said: "Our advice to motorists, when driving on unfamiliar roads, is that it’s even more important than usual to concentrate on your driving - no matter how beautiful or fascinating the surrounding landscape may be. If you do want to enjoy your surroundings, you will usually find designated parking areas close-by, so you can take in the sites and stay safe".

Pocket-Lint reminds all motorists to drive sensibly this weekend. And please avoid the A303 towards Cornwall, as that’s where I will be.