As predicted on Pocket-lint last week, the JCB Dieselmax team punched through the magic 300mph barrier today, putting the diesel-powered land-speed world record in their sights.

While the 308mph reached today does represent the fastest speed ever recorded by a diesel vehicle, the official world record can only be claimed following two successful runs in opposite directions within a specified time limit. This will be attempted next week at the same location in the Utah desert.

Andy Green, overall world land-speed record holder for his efforts in the awesome ThrustSSC nine years ago, was driving today. Following a sticky moment when a safety braking parachute failed to operate, he said: “I was grateful for the exhaust brake. That worked perfectly, and the second ‘chute worked fine at a lower deployment speed".

“JCB Dieselmax performed within its capacity of going well over 300 mph and we were not flat out today. The car was pulling like a train and it behaved perfectly with zero wheelspin.”

So here’s to the Dieselmax boys and best of luck for next week.