The new Chinese owners of quintessential Brit car brand MG are planning to launch a trio of new saloon models as well as revamping the existing TF model and thrusting it on an unsuspecting United States.

According to Duke Hale, CEO of the catchy-named MG Cars North America/Europe Inc, small, medium and large saloon models will hit their home market while the girly TF will get a hard top and along with a new roadster will make its North American debut in 2007/2008.

The MGB sold remarkably well in America in the early-1970s and it still a frim favourite of ageing motoring connoisseurs across the Pond.

It is not yet certain, however, when the Chinese-made saloons to be built by Shanghai Automotive will see service in Europe, or whether they will ever reach US customers.

The TF will be built in China but assembled at a newly refurbished Longbridge plant - its former home under the ownership of now defunct Rover - to give it that essential British twist. Hale said he wanted total MG production to eventually reach 130,000 a year.

It has also been reported that Shanghai Automotive has secured the use of the Rover name from BMW for more than £12million and that some of their Chinese output will carry that name.