If you’re in the mood for some Teutonic craziness, then look no further than the daftly named TechArt Magnum.

Based on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, itself a pretender to the Most Over The Top German Car crown, the Magnum is the product of tuning specialists TechArt. With 600bhp (that’s 150bhp more than a standard Cayenne Turbo), the twin-turbo V8 engine is capable of hauling all two-and-a-half tonnes up to 183mph and from 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds.

The Magnum also looks unbelievable and almost unrecognisable from a standard Cayenne. And that’s a good thing because the Magnum’s muse is one of the all time ugliest machines ever conceived by a daring designer hunched over a tilted table with far too much time on his hands. With its massive bodykit and white alloys, if the Magnum doesn’t define post-modernist, pseudo bling gangsta then honestly nothing does.

You’ll be able to catch the TechArt Magnum at this year’s MPH’06 interactive car show, which is at the Birmingham NEC from October 26-29 and London’s Earl’s Court from November 2-5.