This is the Lotus Eletre electric SUV

Lotus has pulled the covers off the Eletre, its first SUV, setting the stage for an expansion in electric cars over the coming years. (image credit: Lotus)
While very different to previous Lotus cars, it's been designed to perform like a Lotus, with the promise of sporty ride and handling. (image credit: Lotus)
There's a battery offering over 100kWh, charging at 350kW, a range of 373 miles and 0-62mph time of under 3 seconds. (image credit: Lotus)
The Eletre is loaded with tech too, from the 15-inch OLED display, to the LIDAR for autonomous driving. It's designed to be the car of the future. (image credit: Lotus)
Not seen before in a Lotus, there are seats in the rear - which also get their own display - while there's a KEF sound system for premium audio. (image credit: Lotus)
The Lotus Eletre is a new beginning for Lotus and the order books are open - with deliveries first in UK, Europe and China from 2023. (image credit: Lotus)