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(Pocket-lint) - Great Scott! An all-electric DeLorean is in the works.

A "reimagined" version of the 80s classic car is set to be fully unveiled at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, on 21 August 2022.

Previously teased in a tweet by DmC, which showed a silhouette of the imfamous car along with the hashtag "#DeloreanEVolved", it has now been officially confirmed.

"We are very excited that the next evolution of the DeLorean brand will be represented by our storied partnership with Italdesign," said the CMO of DeLorean, Troy Beetz. "[It will be] a vehicle that will showcase our vision for the future."

When it comes to classic cars, the DeLorean has an almost cult-like following, largely owed to the DMC-12 featuring in the Back to the Future movie series.

But DMC - that's DeLorean Motor Company (not Disco Mix Club, Devastating Mic Controller, nor Deep and Meaningful Conversation) - wasn't originally a successful car company, collapsing just a couple of years into its early 1980s production cycle.

However, in 1995 the company was acquired, with IP around the DeLorean Motor Company name secured. Since then it has been replacing parts for the small number of DeLorean vehicles still out there (it's thought only 9,000 were ever built; remaining models can fetch $20,000-60,000 today, depending on condition).

However, here's where the story takes a twist. In the United States an act was given the stamp of approval back in January 2021 allowing replica vehicles to be produced in low volume. It's something that DMC - which is based out of Humble, Texas - has been waiting on for years and, potentially, could be the reason behind this electric DeLorean.

You can sign-up on the official DeLorean.com site for further info on the new collaboration with Italdesign.

Whether we'll all be in for a glimpse of the past brought right up to date or something altogether more radical we'll just have to wait and see. All we know for now is that it will sport gullwing doors.

We're sure it'll go much faster than 88mph too.

Writing by Mike Lowe and Rik Henderson.