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(Pocket-lint) - Hennessey has quite literally started with a blank sheet of paper in coming up with the concept for Project Deep Space.

With concerns about performance in electric cars, because of the weight, Hennessey forked into a different direction wanting to do something totally different.

Of course, while absolute speed isn't the aim - the Venom F5 is there for that - John Hennessey says that Project Deep Space could still result in the world's fastest accelerating four seater car. Not from 0-60mph, but from 0-200mph.

HennesseyHennessey Project Deep Space photo 2

That's largely due to that fact that this land yacht has six wheels and six motors and at around 7 metres long, there's space for huge battery power within the aerodynamic body of the vehicle. Increasing the wheels means more traction.

The seats aren't arranged conventionally, instead sitting in a diamond layout, so the driver is front and centre, flanked by two passenger seats, with the fourth seat set behind.

Rather than this being the seat right in the back that you'll shove your noisy kid into, Hennessey is taking cues from private air travel and making this a VVIP seat - the ultimate seat for first class travel.

That very much underlines what Project Deep Space is about. It's less about breath-taking performance and more about unparalleled luxury, with space for four passengers and all their luggage.

The specs of the concept haven't been revealed, but Hennessey has gone as far as saying that they're going to build 105 models of Project Deep Space and they will retail from $3 million each. Oh, and it will also have the largest gull wing door on a car yet.

You'll have to wait until 2026 before production starts, but as Hennessey outlines, this radical approach to design only works because of electrification. Making this car as a combustion model just wouldn't be possible.

Writing by Chris Hall.