New F1 2022 car revealed, stunning way to create closer racing

Formula One's Motorsports team have partnered with the FIFA to create a prototype car based on the regulations coming in for the 2022 F1 season. (image credit: Formula One)
To help promote closer racing, several elements on the car have been tweaked to help prevent loss of downforce for cars travelling behind rivals. (image credit: Formula One)
This includes the front wing and nose cone, which are redesigned. The car also has a lower profile. (image credit: Formula One)
Wheel covers will return to F1 for the first time since the 2009 season. This prevents teams tweaking wheel spec for air resistance. (image credit: Formula One)
The side pods largely remain the same, as will the safety halo, although the rear wing is tweaked to lessen "dirty air" for other drivers to travel through. (image credit: Formula One)
With stricter regulations and a mock car to go on, all teams will be feeling confident of a more competitive F1 season. Let's hope so. (image credit: Formula One)