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(Pocket-lint) - Formula One racing has been accused of favouring the teams with biggest pockets in the past, with regulations and rules allowing a handful to leave the behind thanks to better cars and technology,

However, that is set to change from the 2022 season on. New regulations have been drawn up to level the playing field, so to speak.


Teams will have to adhere to stricter guidelines when it comes to their F1 2022 cars and beyond. And, to give us an idea of what the new vehicles will look like, F1's in-house Motorsports team and the FIA have engineered a prototype.

Unveiled on Thursday ahead of the weekend's British Grand Prix, the car has a few tweaks to make all teams more even.

There is less of a loss of downforce when trailing a rival and 10 and 20-metres distance behind. There are wheel winglets for the first time, and a return for wheel covers - which haven't been implemented for over a decade.

The wheels themselves are bigger - at 18-inches - and have a lower profile. While the front nose and wing are redesigned to help the aforementioned downforce.

The rear wing has also been overhauled, with a more rounded design developed to prevent "dirty air" from being left in the car's wake.

And, while the 2022 F1 car will use the same hybrid power unit as the 2021 variants, a new regulation on sustainable fuel means the cars will have to run on fuel with 10 per cent bio-components.

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Of course, the livery is purely for show and wil change depending on the team, but we can't wait to see the new car(s) in action.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
  • Source: 10 things you need to know about the all-new 2022 F1 car - formula1.com
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