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(Pocket-lint) - MG is looking to fill one of the gaps in the UK - and European - electric car market, by lining up an electric estate (station wagon), called the MG 5. That might not sound hugely exciting, unless you're the sort of person who actually needs an estate car.

Electric cars initially appeared in the saloon (sedan) segment, characterised by cars like the Tesla Model S and Model 3, or cars like the Hyundai Ioniq. There was a move over to the popular SUV segment with models like the Audi etron and Jaguar i-Pace in the premium segment and more recently we've seen smaller urban cars like the Honda e and Mini Electric. 

Where the estate really works is in giving boot depth. While many SUVs have a respectable capacity in the rear, estates have also had the edge, because you don't have to pile it up to the roof to access that space. Estates are ideal for those with families, dogs or who want to take a lot of stuff anywhere.

MG has enjoyed some success with its first electric car - the MG ZS EV - which is one of the best value electric cars currently in the UK market. It's expected that the MG 5 will also look to offer plenty of value for money too, while occupying a fairly unique position with little competition.

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Not all the details have been revealed, but MG has said that it wants to get the MG 5 into showrooms as soon as current restrictions are lifted. There's no word on how much it will cost, but it's expected - according to Autocar - to have a 52.5kWh battery, 114hp electric motor and range of 261 miles and be based on the Chinese Roewe Ei5.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 27 April 2020.