(Pocket-lint) - A US company called Nikola Corporation has announced it plans to enter the electric pickup market with a truck called the Badger.

The Badger is a fuel cell vehicle that takes hydrogen from a refillable tank and transforms it into electricity for the motors. It also features an auxiliary battery pack, however, which can independently power the truck. Nikola uses a similar technology for its big-rig trucks, which the company says are able to accelerate up to two-times faster than stock diesel tractors.

"Better aerodynamics, using energy only when needed with no idling, regenerative braking, and highly efficient electric motors and fuel cells are a few factors that give Nikola the advantage when it comes to fuel economy," explains Nikola on its website.

Trevor Milton, Nikola’s CEO and founder, said in a statement on Tuesday that he's been working on this pickup program for years and believes "the market is now ready for something that can handle a full day’s worth of work without running out of energy".

Keep in mind, just last year, the company announced an electric watercraft and an off-road utility vehicle.


As for the Badger, Nikola said it "will be built in conjunction with another OEM utilizing their certified parts and manufacturing facilities". It did not name the other manufacturers. The Badger will offer 600 miles of range via hydrogen and up to 300 miles of range via battery power. It can also generate over 900 horsepower and go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds. 

Nikola is planning to build hundreds of hydrogen stations to complement its rollout of the Badger. But it hasn't provided any specifics about when the Badger will go on sale, nor did it mention how much it'd cost. When and if it does launch, the Badger also won't be the first electric pickup on the market. Tesla, Ford, and others are all working on their own trucks, with the first ones debuting this year.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.