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(Pocket-lint) - Every two years Japan's premier motor show hits Tokyo, revealing all manner of weird and wonderful cars and concepts. For 2019 it's no different, with an expected mixture of electric vehicles (EVs) and SUVs at the fore, including a few surprises.

Key to the announcements is Lexus' first all-electric, in concept form, along with the future of what to expect from Nissan, Toyota, Mazda and more. Here's the lowdown on the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, with each featured vehicle having its own scrollable on-page gallery to give you every available angle...


Lexus LF-30 EV concept

As the luxury Japanese brand rolls beyond its 30th birthday, it's a time for something bold and new. The LF-30 embodies Lexus' current dynamic design language - taking it to the nth degree, really - wrapped into the company's first all-electric car.

It's only a concept, of course, so you won't see this dramatic design rolling down a road any time soon. But given how the LF-LC concept wasn't a million miles off the final LC500 road-legal car, we can expect that when the LF-30 becomes a reality that some of its bold form will make the final cut - the gullwing doors, for example.

What we're perhaps more excited about is the way Lexus has totally reimagined its tech setup. It's an immersive cockpit with automation, all manner of touch controls and ideas. So no more of the fiddly setup that currently plagues the marque's line-up.

Nissan Ariya concept

The name sounds rather Game of Thrones, but you wouldn't see one of these futuristic all-electric SUVs knocking about in Winterfell. Indeed, you won't see it anywhere, as this is just a concept stage at the moment.

That said, as the Ariya is built on an all-new EV platform, features all-wheel drive from two motors, and a completely flat floor throughout where the battery is housed, so it clearly spells the future of Nissan's intent.

We don't think the design is too far-fetched either, with what Nissan is calling its 'Vision' design language, complete with digitally-inspired details. Expect ProPilot 2.0 automated driving and other safety features to match futuristic features with the dashing exterior design.

Mazda MX-30

The Japanese company's first mass produced EV is called the MX-30. And through a probably lost-in-translation quip at the press conference in Tokyo, its "concept is human" with "styling based on a turtle". Given the snappy-looking front nose, we can kind of see that though.

Anyway, the car features an electric motor running the front wheels, which has been designed so a rotary motor can bolt onto it - which means hybrid models should also be possible for the relevant markets. It's a dynamic platform.

In terms of design, the use of suicide doors to the rear is an interesting choice. But as rear passengers won't be able to exit without the applicable front door being opened, it might be more gimmick than great.

This one's no concept, though, so expect to see the MX-30 on European roads come 2020.

Toyota LQ concept

The on-the-road version of 2017's Concept-i, the LQ will be used in support for the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

While its striking looks are hard to ignore, it's actually the LQ's interior that's most interesting. With its ability to communicate with a cloud infrastructure, its artificial intelligence agent, named YUI, wants to be your friend.

YUI understands not only words, but emphasis, in order to read and assess your emotions for a more emotive interaction. Its said to understand feelings and voice interaction seamlessly.

Mitsubishi Mi-Trail concept

This concept wouldn't look out of place on a Mars mission, it's all huge wheels and space-buggy style. If anything those wheels are too big, overly elevating the sharp-edged body lines and being a further point of focus due to the lack of any doors.

There's some interesting features, though, with a hybrid powertrain running four motors - one per wheel. That ought to give it precision all-wheel drive control, much in the same way the Lexus LF-30 (see up top) offers independent wheel and suspension adjustment.

This one will certainly remain a concept. But it shows Mitsubishi isn't afraid to think outside of the box, eh?

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Nissan IMK Concept

Less appealing for western eyes, this battery electric vehicle (BEV) concept will likely go down a storm in the east - think China and its native Japan.

It's a city commuter car which, like the Ariyah, has a completely flat floor. Only in the IMK, however, it comes with a shag pile carpet and lounge seats, making this mini commuter EV sound rather chilled.

Just a concept for now, but clearly the footing for a market that Nissan is looking to tackle.

Writing by Mike Lowe.