(Pocket-lint) - GM's Hummer - a civilian twist on the iconic military Humvee - was the poster child of gas guzzling era. The oversized and overstated SUV enjoyed its time in the spotlight, becoming synonymous with Arnold Schwarzenegger, action hero and Hollywood A lister. 

GM's fortunes changed and as The Terminator donned a suit as Governor Schwarzenegger, soaring oil prices following the 2008 financial crisis brought about change and production of the Hummer finally stopped in 2010. 

With public interest now turning to electric vehicles in an era of increasing environmental concern, there's a possibility that the Hummer could be reborn, as a clean, green, oversized offroad machine. 

A report from Bloomberg cites sources, choosing not to be named, who said that the Hummer brand had been floated in discussions. At the moment it looks as though it's an idea for consideration - and GM does still own the Hummer brand.

But at the moment it's a long way from being any sort of confirmation. Companies are rapidly trying to turn out electric vehicles, with Tesla taking a huge slice out of the car market with its pure electric vehicles.

Electric SUVs are rather more rare, and those designed with offroad intentions are even rarer. Audi, Jaguar and Tesla all have luxury models, but it's probably going to be 2020 before we see an electric Jeep Wrangler: most models are pitched at the affluent on-road market.


Perhaps the only exception is start-up Rivian. Rivian showcased its electric offroader at the 2018 LA Auto Show to much acclaim, but reportedly backed away from partnering with GM. On the British side of the pond, perhaps we'll see an electric Land Rover Defender. 

Jaguar Land Rover said that there will be electric versions of all models from 2020 and with a new Defender soon to launch, there's movement that will potentially see EVs going offroad. 

For now we're just imagining the majesty of a massive road-hogging Hummer slipping silently down the road, Schwarzenegger at the wheel wearing a wry smile.

I'll be back, perhaps.

Writing by Chris Hall.