(Pocket-lint) - BMW has been saying for time that it's keen on collaboration and that has lead to the announcement that it is teaming up with Jaguar Land Rover for the development of future electric vehicle technologies. 

The partnership will see Jaguar Land Rover teams working in Munich alongside colleagues from BMW to share knowledge. BMW was one of the first on the EV scene with the launch of the BMW i3, one of the first mass scale custom-designed electric cars. Jaguar has also demonstrated its skill with the more recent launch of the Jaguar i-Pace.

While working together, it's also explicitly stated that both brands will be continuing to work towards their own brand values - while some are shared - premium models from the BMW and Jaguar brands, for example - we can see that this provides plenty of flexibility for applications unique to each brand.

In reality, the aim is to reduce development times and take advantage of better economies of scale, and the first step will be further developing BMW's Gen 5 electric powertrain for future vehicles

The R&D will take place in Munich, but manufacture will then take place separately for each brand before heading to BMW or JLR vehicles. 

The Gen 5 is a combined motor, transmission and electric unit in one casing and it will be making its debut in the BMW x3i - which will see a fully-electric mid-sized SUV from the Germans - likely to be popular with suburban families and challenging the likes of the Audi e-tron and yes, the i-Pace too.

Writing by Chris Hall.