(Pocket-lint) - British motorbike brand Super Soco has partnered with Ducati for a special edition version of its all-electric CUx Scooter.

Super Soco is a relatively new company that specialises in electric motorcycles, with two bikes already on the market - the TS and TC - with another on the way, in the form of the TS Max. It also launched its CUx Scooter in March this year.

The standard model costs £2,099 (thanks to a government grant) and comes in white, red, silver or grey, but the new Ducati-branded edition will be £2,299 and come in the Italian company's classic red styling with grey and black stripes.

The CUx Scooter is powered by a 60V/30Ah lithium battery and is capable of a distance of 40 miles on a single charge. It is driven by a 1.3KW Bosch motor and weighs just 70kg.

The battery can be charge from flat to full in under seven hours, and the moped's digital dash display shows battery life, along with speed and other essential information.

Its chassis features a carbon structural steel frame and is ergonomically designed for riders to touch the ground, yet provide enough room for taller users to stretch freely.

The Super Soco CUx Ducati edition scooter will be available in limited quantities over the "next two years only". You can find out more on the company's official website here.

Ducati itself also recently revealed it was looking into electric motorcycle production, but as it is not expecting to have any consumer models on the market before 2021, Super Soco's tie-in is the ideal opportunity to get ahead of the curve in the meantime.

Writing by Rik Henderson.