(Pocket-lint) - Tire manufacturer Goodyear has unveiled a concept design for future autonomous, flying cars.

Introduced at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, the Goodyear Aero is a two-in-one tire that works as well on the ground as it could in the air.

It has a rubber compound tire exterior for road driving and propellers for propulsion when flying. Its multimodal design would transfer and absorb forces on the ground, while providing lift when the car takes off.


The spokes on the wheel ensure that the tire is airless, with a non-pneumatic, flexible structure to dampen shocks and bumps on the tarmac. The fan blades are multi-purpose, therefore.

The wheel is designed to use magnetic force in order to reduce friction and rotate a great speeds when in propeller mode. While artificial intelligence built into each wheel talks to a computer system on the car itself to feed back streams of data and recommend course of action.

Fibre optics sensors are also built in to monitor road conditions and tire-wear.


Of course, the Goodyear Aero is just a concept and has no purpose at present - there are no autonomous, flying cars to fit it onto. However, Goodyear is developing some of its technologies, such as the non-pneumatic structure and intelligent tire capabilities, for potential use in products less far flung.

Fun though. Who doesn't want a Back to the Future II flying car, eh?

Writing by Rik Henderson.