Californian company Opener has unveiled what it believes is the first flying car you'll want. The BlackFly is a single-seat Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV) that doesn't require a pilot's licence to drive.

Opener claims that you don't even need special skills to operate it although that's a rather daunting idea if you ask us. 

It can vertically take off and land, so you don't need a runway or much space to launch it, and it can travel up to 25 miles at speeds of up to 62mph (as restricted in the US).

There are other flying car prototypes in development at rival companies, but Opener - which is funded by Google co-founder Larry Page - thinks the BlackFly will be adopted as it will eventually be affordable - around the same price as a typical consumer SUV. It even suggests that a pricier early model could be available as soon as next year.

The BlackFly sports eight propulsion systems, spread across two wings. Over 10,000 miles have been flown in the testing phase, with more than 1,000 flights having been undertaken.

It is a zero emission vehicle and can come with a ballistic parachute in case of emergencies.

We'll see you in the future.