Bonkers and beautiful concept cars from the 1950s to now

BMW did something interesting at CES 2022 by showing off a colour changing car with E Ink technology that made it change colour with a press of a button. (image credit: BMW)
The Volkswagen Sedric is intended to be a fully autonomous vehicle with no need at all for any driver or even a cockpit.  (image credit: Volkswagen)
In 2005, Peugeot revealed a concept car by the name of Moovie. This was said to be a nippy and yet environmentally friendly car.  (image credit: Brian Clontarf)
The Deora is actually an altered Dodge A100 truck that was chopped up to create a futuristic looking vehicle. (image credit: Dodge Chrysler)
At the 1980 Paris Motorshow Citroen unveiled the Karin concept car. A three-seater vehicle where the driver sat in the middle and passengers sat on either side. (image credit: Citroen)
The Bat 5 was the first car in a partnership between Alfa Romeo and Italian design house Bertone, and a design based on a detailed study of aerodynamics. (image credit: Alfa Romeo)
A familiar Ferrari shape for a concept car that pushed the limits with a cutting-edge design, monster V12 engine and 550hp giving a top speed of 220mph.   (image credit: Pininfarina/Ferrari)
This gyrocar had just two-wheels like a motorbike and was stabilised by gyroscopes and the distribution of the weight of the passengers. (image credit: General Motors/Ford)
The Lancia Stratos Zero is another bonkers concept car from the 1970's with sleek pointy lines and a futuristic design. (image credit: Bertone/Lancia)
The Club De Mer was an experimental vehicle created as a symbol of General Motors' passion for ultra-futuristic design. Boasting a 300 horsepower V8 engine. (image credit: General Motors)
The Silver Fox was a small-engined car capable of reaching 155mph thanks to the unique aerodynamic design. (image credit: Officine Stampaggi Industriali)
ItalDesign Machimoto was an open-topped economy vehicle designed to hold as many as nine people. With no roof, passengers were expected to wear helmets. (image credit: ItalDesign)
The racing chassis and aerodynamic designs of the Fiat Abarth 2000 allowed it to put the 220hp to good use to reach a top speed of 167mph. (image credit: Fiat)
This one had six wheels, strong angles and an incredibly futuristic design the Ford Seattle was a big and bold statement of Ford's future intent.  (image credit: General Motors/Ford)

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